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Common Boiler Problems

Most people tend to neglect their home heating system. They believe that everything is okay as long as the system if functional. You expect the system to supply you with all the needed hot water when needed for warming purpose. When the system develops a problem and fails it causes a lot of trouble and chaos in your home.
let us have a look at some of the major problems affecting boilers.

Losing of the water pressure

water pressure
This might be the main problem in the boiler’s operation. It even stops the boilers from working. If you have a boiler that was working for sometimes normally without water pressure problems, then its problem could be in the expansion vessel. Most boilers are fitted with an expansion vessel that requires regular check-ups. Most people tend to overlook this especially when their boilers are working.

Blockage of the condensate pipe

Modern boilers are equipped with highly efficient condensing boilers. When the condensate pipes get blocked, the boiler shuts itself down. This usually happens when the external temperatures are below the freezing point.In case you have a condensate pipe running to the outside drain then you have to protect it from the cold conditions. If possible, you should connect your condensate pipe to the external drain.


Most of the boiler problemswater pressure are associated with the control units. The units include the thermostat and the IE. This problem is mainly caused by an electric or wiring fault such as a loose wire. You should make sure that the control elements are fitted with a three amp fuse. Fitting of the wrong fuse could lead to a more costly problem in case a fault occur. Any fuse whose rating is above 3 amp is highly discouraged in the boiler controls.

No hot water

It mainly affects those boilers that are integrated with a heat exchanger. The hot water pipes in the heat exchanger could be partially blocked or blocked completely when sludge builds up in your heat exchanger.

Leaking of water from the boiler

Loose condenser pipes mainly cause this, but sometimes it could be as a result of something very expensive. You are advised to consult your local boiler service engineer once you notice any leakage from your boiler.

Strange noise from the system

It is possible to experience some strange noises or banging from your boiler. This is usually caused by the build-up of scales or sludge. This restricts the flow of water within the system leading to noises.

Boilers shutting down

This could be caused by overheating within the boiler. Shutting down can also be due to some faults in the pump. Such faults make it difficult for water to circulate since the pump is no longer pumping.