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Features of a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

Most people find it hard to buy quality vacuum cleaners because there are many models in the market. You can choose a good vacuum cleaner by looking at the features that it possesses. The following are some of the features to look at when purchasing a new multipurpose cleaner from online or local distributors. Here are the avis karcher sc3 :

Brush agitator

A brush agitator is located below the cleaning machine. It is a tool that spins when the cleaning machine is being operated to filter dirt and dust from the floor. The brush agitator is very useful because it creates low pressure which makes the particles lighter for lifting by the generated air. Other brands and models have brush agitators that can be switched on and off. The brush agitator is not necessary when dislodging dirt and dust from a bare floor. A brush agitator is used to easily and conveniently remove particles from the surface being cleaned.

Container indicator

A full container indicator is used to alert when the vacuum bag or canister is full of the collected particles. When the dirt and dust particles fill the collector, the machine reduces its functionality. When there is an indication, you are required to empty the collector. Though other cleaners have a transparent design to enable you monitor, you are advised to buy the one with an indicator.

Vacuum bags

There are many varieties of vacuum bags. Some of them the normal vacuum bags while other bags are designed to protect you against allergens. This a great feature that should not miss in your checklist especially when you have asthma or allergic to dust or animal fur. These bags can filter an approximate of 99% of the dust and dirt. It was advisable to replace the vacuum bag after four weeks.

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Retractable rod

Most canister vacuums have a retractable rod. It helps the user to rewind the cleaner cord by the use of a button. Most electrical cleaners have cords that are about 20 feet. However, there are those that have a 30 feet long cord. This helps to enhance the cleaning activity.

Edge cleaner

Most canister and upright vacuum cleaner models have the edge cleaner feature. It helps the operator to dislodge particles around the cleaning head. It can also be used to filter dirt and dust particles from edges between the walls and the floor. Consider this feature anytime you want to order a new vacuum cleaner.


Most modern multipurpose vacuum cleaners like the Karcher series have headlight lamp. The lamp is used to light areas that are dark like under the furniture to facilitate proper vision. If you find a cleaner with a lamp, make sure you buy it. Such cleaners can be used to clean dirt in the dark or places that are hidden from the light.

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Height adjustment

This feature is used in adjusting the height of the cleaner’s brush. Adjustments are done to facilitate easy movements when cleaning your carpet. You can lower or heighten the handle so that you do not strain when you are cleaning using the vacuum. The carpet height adjustment knob is vital when ensuring that the cleaner is standing at a recommended height about your carpet.